How fortunate am I?   In 2015, I was selected as an English Language Fellow by the U.S. Department of State.   That was nice but the extreme fortunate was being selected by the U.S. Embassy in Cambodia to teach at the National University of Battambang, now NUBB.  Battambang is the perfect city.  It doesn’t take long until a newcomer is speaking to familiar faces while walking down the streets or exchanging pleasantries in restaurants and stores.   There are such a variety of restaurants that just tempt the tasting buds with their names.  The histories, the nearby villages, the nature, the celebration, all of these combine to create the uniqueness of Battambang.

My time at the NUBB built lifelong relationships with faculty and students.   I am, by nature, an energetic and creative person.  So, when I was asked to write and teach the curriculum for Academic Writing III, IV, V, and VI, I felt honored and privileged.  My students were fantastic.   Just think of taking those classes in a second or third language.  They were very serious about achieving, yet maintained that friendly and open personality of Cambodians.   I also had the great experience of co-teaching a class in Teaching Methodology with a native teacher.   The door to opportunities was always open for me during my time at NUBB and I was able to learn and grow as an International educator.

One very important and very remarkable detail about NUBB is their acceptance of those with disabilities.   I have lived in worked in several countries and the opportunities that are offered for those with disabilities at NUBB deserve the highest of praise.   Thank you for caring so much about ALL students.

The friendships and relationships that I developed while at NUBB fare transcend any words that can be put on paper

Virginia G. Simmons, PhD