I joined the NUBB Family when the campus opened in 2007. Since then, I have had the privilege of watching my colleagues and students grow, develop and blossom into a valuable human resource for Cambodia. Many have been awarded international scholarships and they add to the quality and diversity of campus life when they return. NUBB and the community it serves continues to benefit from the knowledge, skills and experience of visiting academic staff from partner universities in countries including France, China, USA, Thailand, South Korea and Australia. Dr Don Jordan and Ms Ellen Cornish from Australia are much valued supporters of the Institute of Foreign Languages and the Graduate School. They have been coming to run workshops at NUBB for many years and are now part of the NUBB Family. The list of strategic partners is impressive and includes the World Bank, Confucius Institute and JICA. The prestige of the university is enhanced by the achievements of its graduates. To give just two examples, one wrote an autobiography and it has been published in Khmer, English and French. Another has held several exhibitions of his pen and ink drawings. These are much in demand by collectors and at to Battambang’s reputation as the centre for art and culture in Cambodia. I am proud to be a part of such a dynamic organization which is contributing to the development of the Nation.

H.E. Terren Trethowan (Terry)