Message from the Dean

Welcome to the Graduate School of the National University of Battambang!

The Graduate School is a leading educational service provider of master and PhD training programs and a Center of Excellence for research in the Northwestern Cambodia. Currently, Graduate School have been providing training services to students from all over, especially in the northwestern region of Cambodia. Graduate School offers 6 master’s programs and 2 PhD program. These graduate training programs have been playing an important role in providing opportunities for students, educators, and civil servants from public and private institutions in the northwestern Cambodia to improve knowledge, skills and attitudes to reach good job opportunities and get new roles and responsibilities in high level of management within the country and the ASEAN region.

In addition to the success of graduate program trainings over the past ten years, Graduate School has been continuing to train senior technicians and professionals to meet the needs of the labor market, with the ability to study, research, analyze, forecast and plan for different scenarios of changes. Meanwhile, the Graduate School has been strengthening the quality of training, while continuing to expand the scope of additional training programs on science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) in accordance with the Higher Education Roadmap 2030 of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports (MoEYS), Cambodia. More importantly, Graduate School has been putting efforts to establish PhD training and research programs, which are essential for human capital development to support Cambodia’s national economic growth. These activities are well suited to the strategic plan of the National University of Battambang in 2030. Therefore, to achieve NUBB’s vision in 2030, the qualified graduate students are core element for human resource development, promoting research and innovation that contributes to national economic development and solving social and scientific problems facing Aseanization and globalization.

The core concept and spirit of graduate training programs are in line with the quality culture of the National University of Battambang, which states that “the Quality of the educational programs determines the Excellence of the graduates, the Excellence of the graduates determines the Credibility of the institution”.

On behalf of the Graduate School, I would like to thank Excellencies, Lok Chumteavs, Ladies and Gentlemen for their trust in graduate training programs at the National University of Battambang.

“Study today to increase wisdom, knowledge and skills for excellent careers and prestige on the national and international stages”

Thank you very much,

Dr. CHEA Ratha
Dean of Graduate School

Graduate training programs at the National University of Battambang (NUBB) began in 2007 with a master’s degree program in management. As a result, the NUBB has trained about 500 students who have successfully graduated and are currently working in public and private educational institutions, governmental institutions, civil society organizations (CSO), private companies and running their own businesses. Along with these successes and the need for new training programs to address the labor market needs, the NUBB decided to establish formally the Graduate School of the National University of Battambang to ensure the quality and effectiveness of graduate training programs, which are the drive force for national economic growth.

             The Graduate School of the National University of Battambang was established through Prakas No. 1024 of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport (MoEYS), Cambodia dated 21 June 2019 on the establishment of the Graduate School of the National University of Battambang with the rank of faculty and its primary mandate is leading and managing graduate training programs and research at Master and PhD levels at the National University of Battambang.

             Currently, Graduate School trains more than 180 graduate students (Master and PhD) in six master’s degree programs and two PhD programs. These include Master of Business Administration (MBA), Master of Public Administration (MPA), Master of Art in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL), Master of Science in Sustainable Agriculture (MSA), Master of Science in Sustainable Management of Ecosystem Management (SEM), and Master of Science in Education (MSE) and PhD programs in Educational Management (PhD-EM) and Sustainable Management of Ecosystem Management (PhD-SEM). Graduate School of the NUBB have successfully trained more than 500 graduate students and completed more 13 promotions of MBA program, 6 promotions of MPA, 3 promotions of TESOL, 3 promotions of MSA and 2 promotion of SEM programs.

Why pursuing a master’s degree at the National University of Battambang
What is special about graduate training program at the National University of Battambang is the integrity of quality, excellence and social responsibility; thus, NUBB has:

  • International standard physical education learning environment
  • International standard educational programs taught by national and international professors with relevant knowledge, experience and professional skills
  • Extensive laboratory and research equipment to support practical work
  • The 21st century educational concept with competency based teaching methodology linking, university with industry, critical thinking and problem solving skills, decision support systems, interpersonal skills and leadership.
  • Opportunity to study International Subjects from renowned universities in Europe, Asia and the United States with renowned international professors through face-to-face and video conferencing.
  • Opportunity to do internships and exchange programs in Asia and Europe through the Erasmus + CBHE Capacity Building Projects and other several national and international partners.
  • Vision
    The Graduate School of the National University of Battambang (NUBB) is a training center for potential leaders in the fields of education, business, public administration, agriculture and natural resource management with national and international standard educational programs that produce multi-skilled students with high knowledge, competency and creativity in line with the needs of social, economic and environmental development in Cambodia and the region.
  • Mission
    To reach the above vision, the Graduate school has the following missions:
  1. Educate and train graduate students at master and PhD levels with quality, efficiency and equity in accordance with the needs of the labor market in the country, especially in the northwestern region of Cambodia.
  2. Enhance the research capacity of Cambodian educators, researchers and students in agriculture, natural science and social sciences to support national economic development.
  3. To cultivate innovative ideas and promote the development of new research products in partnership with the community, national and international institutions that support the internationalization process, educational programs, and job excellence for graduate students.
  • Strategic goal
  • Updating master and PhD programs in response to national and international standards linked to labor market needs.
  • Building capacity and relevance of teachers, researchers and theirs qualifications to the educational programs
  • Improving teaching methodology from content based teaching to competence based teaching method.
  • Encouraging community engagement in teaching  and learning activities, research and social services
  • Internationalizing educational programs through international subject preparation, exchange of study credit systems
  • Increasing scientific-based research to support decision-making and sustainable development and planning
  • Modernizing teaching methods through the integration ICT systems and blended learning
  • Increasing the competitiveness of graduate programs, excellence of graduates, research products and intellectual properties of research products.

Graduate School’s slogan: “Quality of program define the Excellence graduate; Excellence of Graduate define Credibility of Institution”

  • Management structure
    The Graduate School has two departments: the Department of Master Studies and the Department of Doctoral Studies, followed by two other subdivisions: 1) Administrative and Academic Affairs Unit 2) Research Management and Development Projects Unit. These four units coordinate both technical and administrative aspects to support the teaching and learning process of graduate students to ensure the quality, efficiency and equity in the training programs.

Master Programs

Graduate School of the National University of Battambang (NUBB) offers six master’s degree programs as follows:
1). Master of Business Administration [MBA]
– Specialized in General Management)
– Specialized in Entrepreneurship

2). Master of Public Administration [MPA]
– Specialized in Governance, Development & Public Policies

3). Master of Art in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL)
4). Master of Science in Sustainable Agriculture [MSA])
5). Master of Science in Sustainable Ecosystem Management [SEM])
6). Master of Educational Science [MES]
– Specialized in Educational Management

1). Master of Business Administration [MBA]

MBA program is designed to train students with initiative ideas and concept in business or new generation business model (start-up) development and entrepreneurship to increase student excellence and workforce competitiveness, as well as to provide modern scientific business management skills in human resource management and financial management, ethics in business and the development of marketing strategies in the context of the Industrial Revolution 4.0.

List of core subjects

Business planning and strategyManagerial economics
Quantitative business analysisMarket strategy and E-commerce
Operation and quality managementLeadership and change management
Financial planning and managementResearch related subject

Prospectus careers:

  • Middle or senior manager in public and private entities.
  • New Generation Entrepreneur (Start-Up)
  • National-International Business and Investment Project Consultant
  • President of a company of senior technicians in public and private entities.
  • Professor, researcher at public and private research institutes

2). Master of Public Administration [MPA]

MPA program is designed to enhance student’s capacity to analyze, evaluate and formulate public and private policies in response to socio-economic challenges. This educational program provides students knowledge of national and sub-national administration, implementation of monitoring and evaluation of administrative procedures, as well as planning for population and territorial administration in accordance with the reform policies of the Royal Government of Cambodia.

List of core subjects

Policy process and analysisPublic service management
Administrative contract lawInvestment analysis
Human resource managementPublic financial planning and management
Terrestrial administrative managementResearch related subjects

Prospectus careers:

  • Director or head of administration in public and private administrative institutions
  • Provincial-Capital Governor, District-Municipal Governor, Provincial-Capital Council, District-Municipal Council
  • Consultants, analyzes, evaluates and develops national and sub-national public policies.
  • Member of Parliament, senior official in front of public representatives in the Royal Government
  • Professor, researcher in public and private higher education institutions

3). Master of Art in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL)

MES program is designed to enhance students’ ability to develop teaching methods, educational programs, action plans, teaching and solving problems that arise in the classroom. This educational program incorporates theories, concepts and practices in line with the current needs of the job market, English teaching and education management. Graduates of this educational program will be effective and superior educational leaders.

List of core subjects

Second language acquisitionAdvanced Teaching Methodology
Advanced applied linguisticTESOL practicum
Curriculum design and developmentEducational psychology
ICT in English language teachingResearch related subjects

Prospectus careers:

  • Freeland consultant on education, educational policies in national and international institutions
  • Professor and researcher in public and private higher education institutions
  • Senior Technician in Educational Program Development for National and International Institutions
  • Education policy developer or maker
  • Coordinator of development projects and investments in educational sectors
  • Entrepreneur in educational sectors, director of public and private foreign language institutions.

4). Master of Science in Sustainable Agriculture

MSA program is designed to provide opportunities for Cambodian students and researchers to develop capacity, knowledge and agricultural skills in a sustainable manner in response to the current social, economic and environmental situation in Cambodia. This MSA program provides students with analytical skills and agricultural entrepreneurship in line with the agricultural value chain to ensure food security in response to rapid global, regional and global changes.

List of core subjects

Concept of sustainable agriculturePlant nutrient and soil fertility management
Agro-ecosystem analysisIntegrated natural resource management
Agriculture economicsSeed production and quality management
Integrated farming systemResearch related subjects

Prospectus careers:

  • A new generation entrepreneur in agriculture, agro-industry
  • Professor, researcher working in public and private higher education institutions
  • Manager of agricultural business and investment projects
  • National and international agricultural consultants
  • Senior Technician for Sustainable Agriculture in national institutions, national and international civil society organizations.

5). Master of Science in Sustainable Ecosystem Management (SEM)

SEM master program is designed to train human resources in natural resource governance in Cambodia in the context of rapid global environmental changes to ensure food security and sustainable development in the region. This master program focuses on the development of a Decision Support System (DSS) that can mitigate the effects of climate change and human activities and contribute to short-term and long-term planning for the management of ecosystem services.

List of core subjects

Biodiversity conservationMachine learning/Decision support system (DSS)
Ecosystem servicesClimate change
GIS and remote sensingEnvironmental impact assessment (EIA)
Ecological economicResearch related subjects

Prospectus careers:

  • Senior technical advisor on Decision Support (DSS) development in the fields of natural resource governance
  • Professor and researcher in public and private higher education institutions
  • National or international consultant on natural resource governance
  • Policy makers or environmental managers for the development of natural resources in government agencies and civil society organizations at the national and sub-national levels.
  • A new generation entrepreneur in ecosystem services business

PhD Programs

  • Graduate School of the National University of Battambang (NUBB) offers two PhD’s degree programs as follows:
  • PhD  in Sustainable Ecosystem Management
  • PhD in Educational Management

Scholarship Opportunity

  • Opportunity to experience and receive scholarships to study in the EU through various development projects.
  • Opportunity to receive scholarships for one month mobility or one semester mobility at prestigious universities in the European Union and Asia.
  • Opportunity to study with well-known international professors through face-to-face or distance learning with International Subjects.
  • Opportunity to participate in international conferences, workshops, semininars and other scientific events
  • Opportunities for high paid job in country or the region.

National and international cooperation

Development projects inside Graduate School
1). Erasmus+ CBHE KA2:

2). Erasmus+ KA1 ICM (International Credit Mobility)
3). Development partners

  • University of Toulouse 3-Paul Sabaier, France
  • University of Nantes, France
  • Southern University of Denmark, Denmark
  • University of Girona, Spain
  • Ghent University, Belgium
  • University of Natural Resource and Life Science Prague, Austria