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Welcome to Faculty of Science and Technology(FST)

Faculty of Science and Technology would like to respect and welcome his/her excellency, ladies and gentlemen. Faculty of Science and Technology offers three undergraduate courses: Information Technology, Civil Engineering and Electrical Engineering, and Automation, and two Associate Degrees, Information Technology and Civil Engineering. The faculty provides knowledge related to hands-on practice, with the  state-of-the-art laboratory, computer repair room, and a computer lab for students to acquire real knowledge and skills. All three skills are in high demand in both public and private sectors. Graduates of the Faculty of Science and Technology have become an important resource in helping to develop the nation, promote infrastructure, construction and technology to grow and modernize in line with the evolution of the digital age. In the future, the faculty will be developed into a specialized training center for science and technology in northwestern Cambodia.

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Faculty of Science and Technology of National University of Battambang is one of the five faculties and one institute established by Sub-Decree No. 26 dated March 21, 2007 on the establishment of the University of Battambang. The Faculty of Science and Technology has three departments: the Department of Technology and the Department of Civil Engineering and the Department of Electrical Engineering, which offers three undergraduate programs: Information Technology, Civil Engineering and Electrical Electronic, and Automation. The faculty trains students to respond to current and future job markets in the country, especially in the northwestern region of Cambodia.

The vision of the Faculty of Science and Technology is to contribute to the social development of science and technology in both technology and construction, by encouraging the growth of technical researchers in the relevant stockholders and ministries. To provide programs in accordance with national and international qualification standards, provide modern and up-to-date equipment, enabling students to acquire knowledge through practical real-world applications.

The Faculty of Science and Technology has the following missions:

  • Train students in real skills and abilities in response to current job needs
  • Provide curriculum with national qualification standards, practical implementation ensures that students gain real knowledge and skills.
  • Increase research, innovation and enhance the use of technology to assist in a wide range of daily work.

Strategic direction
The Faculty of Science and Technology has the following strategies:

  • Regularly update curriculum to align with national qualification standards and the labor market, both now and in the future.
  • Develop itself into a leading university in the field of science and technology in the region.
  • Monitor and evaluate the management of teaching and learning on a regular basis to ensure high efficiency, results and responsibilities.

Management Structure

Bachelor Programs

Bachelor of Information Technology

Objectives of the Bachelor of Information Technology Program

The purpose of this curriculum is to provide clear knowledge and skills in both network and network security, as well as the ability to use and develop information management systems to facilitate work and business, communication, problem solving and decision making using appropriate technology and understanding of the business context.

Career opportunities

  • Professional in creating and developing information management software on PCs and smartphones.
  • Design and manage computer networks and security systems in companies, factories and institutions and recommend setting up the network according to the actual needs.
  • Professional in designing websites, billboards and brochures to publish various information.
  • Professional in data analysis with high efficiency to make it easy to set up a database for users.
  • Create and design secure websites and data management systems.
  • Develops applications in various computer systems, analyzing for users to meet specific needs.

Bachelor of Civil Engineering 

Objectives of the Bachelor of Civil Engineering Program

The bachelor’s degree program in civil engineering is designed to develop human resources with specific knowledge related viable construction environment in line with the standards of modernization, the expectation of modern living through the 5-year curriculum and train students to be able to become professional engineers who are fully competent, efficient and effective and have the right attitude and ethics in the field of civil engineering in line with the labor market in the current context.

Career opportunities

  • Project Management Engineer: Develops a project lead plan, including the preparation of proposals, financial records, work strategies, and ensures that the project complies with safety regulations.
  • Senior Civil Engineer: plans, calculates, develops and manages projects for the construction or repair of buildings, bridges, highways and other structures.
  • Engineering manager: plans, directs, manages and evaluates the activities of the project engineering department or company.
  • Engineering inspectors and regulators: Inspect vehicles weighing industrial equipment, processes and equipment to ensure they comply with government and industry regulations.
  • Civil engineering technicians: designing and designing engineering ideas and sketches, and they also prepare construction specifications, estimates for material and labor costs, survey and inspect buildings and structures. All kinds.
  • Land surveyors: plan, lead and conduct legal surveys to establish and / or demarcate real estate and prepare for drawing plans, records and official documents.
  • Civil engineer: organizes engineering work, calculations and related technical information.
  • Be able to become a highly qualified researcher for public and private institutions.

Bachelor of Electrical, Electronics and Automation

Objectives of the Bachelor of Electrical, Electronic and Automation Program

The purpose of this curriculum is to provide accurate knowledge and skills in the field of electrical, electronic and automation systems to respond to the needs of the job market, including the installation and control of production lines, the use of clear equipment and practice communication. Good problem solving in factories and enterprises.

Career opportunities

  • Automation system problem planning engineer to meet the needs of the enterprise.
  • Process management engineer and including technical maintenance on factory automation system problems.
  • Engineer design and installation of electronic circuits in PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) system.
  • Automated control system engineers in agriculture, electricity and energy, industry.
  • Continue to study for a master’s degree in technology and a doctorate degree in local and abroad.
  • Chief Electrician in domestic and foreign electricity companies.
  • Become an Entrepreneur in: Technology, Electronics and Automation and Technical Services.
  • Be able to become a highly qualified researcher for public and private institutions.

Mrs. Chan Sokha
Dean of the Faculty of Science and Technology
Email: [email protected]
Tel: (+855) 12 454 616