• Message from Dean

Welcome to the Faculty of Agriculture and Food Processing (FAFP) at the National University of Battambang, Cambodia. FAFP is one of the leading Life Science Faculties in northwest Cambodia, and recognized in both teaching and research. At FAFP, we provide our students with a practical education, that has a solid foundation in theory, so preparing them for careers in a growing job market. There is an increasing demand for graduates with degrees in agriculture and food science, and related fields, so that Cambodia’s economy continues to grow, and to support those who rely on agriculture. Sustainable agriculture is of major importance to Cambodia’s future. FAFP offers a diverse range of academic degree programs, and students benefit from our faculty members’ expertise in teaching, research and outreach and community engagement. We also enjoy the rewards of international collaboration with partners in Asia, Europe, and the U.S.A., and FAFP has multiple options for students to study or take internships abroad through international partnership programs. FAFP faculty, students and extension professionals are actively engaging and collaborating with national and international stakeholders to make a difference for today’s generation and for those to come.

  • Background

In Cambodia, agriculture is the backbone of the country’s economy, and it is currently a priority sector of the government policy. The farming systems of rural farmers in this country are known to be complex and subjected to a multitude of exogenous influences. Fields of study have been offering, included Horticulture, Animal Science, and Food Processing, provide opportunities for undergraduates to develop their appropriate methodologies and professional skills to meet the current job demand, with degrees in agriculture and food science, and related fields. Majoring in Agriculture and Food Science are highly demand to deal with complex situations in farming systems, agricultural food processing, and agribusiness for local consumption and exports. Training and education in sustainable agriculture techniques are to seeking to increase sustainable agriculture in Cambodia with a combination of private sector innovation and public sector improvement.

  • Vision

The Faculty of Agriculture and Food Processing at the National University of Battambang is an adapted ASEAN University standard for undergraduate studies on agriculture and food sciences in Cambodia.

  • Mission
  • To educate and train undergraduates with national and international standards to meet job market;
  • To conduct scientific research for domestic productivities and national economic growth.
  • Strategic goal
  • Collaborate with national and international universities to improve the academic programs offer at FAFP;
  • Collaborate with national and international companies to develop researches on agriculture and agro-industry for investment;
  • Disseminate research findings and investment plans to parents of students, public sectors and development partners; and

Upgrading institution for productivities, authorship and research finding utilization to get supports from stakeholders and partners.

  • Bachelor Programs
    • Major in Horticulture
    • Major in Animal Science
    • Major in Food Processing