1. General Information
    1.1       Welcome massage from Dean

            On behalf of the Faculty of Arts, Humanities, and Education, I am honored to report the progress of our faculty as the National University of Battambang (NUBB) has been reformed to achieve excellence and trust from the public, parents and students. Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Education noted that the number of the student has been increasing. In order to fulfill the university missions with the strategic plan and the ten-years strategic plan (2021-2030) of the National University of Battambang, the faculty has educated the students with high quality and high profession. After the students graduated, they will promote the human resource in the society and able to serve in the government, companies and other organizations.

Mr. Yoeng Hak

1.2       Background
Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Education is one of the five faculties of the National University of Battambang which was established by Sub-Degree No.26 in on 21 March 2007 on the establishment of the University of Battambang.
The faculty has three departments:
-The Department of Humanities
-The Department of Arts and Culture 
-The Department of Education

1.3. Vision
The Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Education will be an educational institution that educate arts, cultures and education with excellence, prestige and trust in the Northwest of the Kingdom of Cambodia.

1.4. Mission
The Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Education has the following missions:
-Educate and train students at all levels with high quality and proficiency.
-Study on Scientific research, arts, culture, and national identity.

1.5. Strategic goals
Strategic 1: improve and develop curricula to meet the national standard and national accreditation through cooperation with partner universities.
Strategic 2: organize training programs to develop the capacity of teachers and educational officers on a regular basis according to the annual plan of the faculty and also encourage teachers who are capable, active and talented.
Strategic 3: study the research of teachers and students in light of their academic skills and through the cooperation with partner universities to publish the results.
Strategic 4: monitor and evaluate the management, teaching and learning on a regular basis with high efficiency and effectiveness.

1.6. Management structure

2. Undergraduate Curriculum Program
There are three main departments in the faculty of Arts, Humanities and Educations. Those are:
– Department of Humanities,
– Department of Education,
– Department of Arts and Culture.

The faculty have trained students with high quality and high professional ethics to become a potential intellectual capital for the national labor markets. In this new academic year, 2020-2021, the faculty has been conducting conduct these three-following undergraduate majors:

2.1. Bachelor of Khmer Literature:
Bachelor of Khmer Literature (BKL) aims to provide students with the knowledge, skills, competencies, moralities, and teaching pedagogies in Khmer.  This major also trains students with various essential theoretical and practical courses such as Khmer Linguistics and Khmer Literatures and Cultures in response to industrial development and globalization trends in economy, social, linguistic, culture, region and global.

2.2. Bachelor of Education:
Students who graduate with a Bachelor of Education Management will grant knowledge, and skills in administration in education. Students will be skilled in managing the administering in education with the professionalism of education for the needs of national labor market.  Students will be increasing their learning abilities through conducting education researches as to build up the quality of education and educational changes in both national and international contexts.

2.3. Bachelor of Architecture:
Students who graduate with a Bachelor of Architecture will gain knowledge, skills, and their creativities theoretically and practically. The study focuses on building innovative capabilities in building, interior and exterior designs technically based on national and international standards. Students will able to start their careers as designers, designing consultants on all types of projects such as villas, towns, hotels, restaurants, condominiums, offices buildings, resorts, and supermarkets right after they graduate. Additionally, this profession has been contributing to the preservation of national culture and civilization to a high level and long-term sustainability.

The majors mentioned above will be conducted as the bachelor’s degrees. Khmer literature and Education Science Bachelor degrees will be lasted for 4 years, while the Bachelor of Architecture will be spending 5 years to the graduation with the curriculums accepted by national qualifications. With experienced lecturers, students in the faculty of Arts, Humanities, and Education are able to conduct real practice once in a semester. Moreover, the faculty of Arts, Humanities, and Education has granted partnership agreements with Royal University of Phnom Penh (RUPP) and Battambang Training Education Center (BTEC) as well as other abroad university such as Aberdeen in England and others through national and international projects. Specifically, the faculty of Arts, Humanities, and Education has been joining a European project, 21st century teaching skill, for a better quality of education at NUBB.

3. Exchange Programs and Study Visits
So far, students have joined many exchange programs and study visits through educational projects granted by national and international levels.

4. Short Courses
Faculty of Arts, Humanities, and Education trains students who are interested in various short courses such as
Training in drawing, traditional dancing, playing traditional music instruments, and sewing.
These short courses aim to lead students to:

  • – Acknowledge, value, and increase the awareness of Khmer culture and tradition,
    • Provide knowledge of arts to youths in next generations,
    • Improve cultural values and disseminate more to the public,
    • Improve the quality of arts for the university,
    • Give students in the university chances to perform in the national and international stages,
    • And give students additional profits by performing and selling sewing products they have made.
  • -Interior designs
  • -Music composing, song writing, and novel writing