The Student Affairs Office is one of the departments of the National University of Battambang, which focuses on cooperation and promoting the National University of Battambang’s services. The Student Affairs Office has been working with students, NUBB alumni, companies, and other organizations.

With the current NUBB students, we disseminate the job applications and scholarships, and help develop the students by participating in social and cultural events, discussions, seminars, competitions, or inclusive courses, and disseminating the NUBB principles to students, too.

With alumni, we have collaborated with the NUBB Alumni Association, built the alumni team, collected the data on the tracer study, and so on.

With companies and organizations as development partners, we have agreements on research, jobs, internships for students, and so on.

Totally, the Student Affairs Office not only provides educational services but also conducts research and has collaborations with internal and external organizations.


The Student Affairs Office has been established based on the NUBB managerial structure since 2007. With the NUBB Reform committees in 2019, the Student Affairs Office has worked on the tasks associated with the NUBB developments, such as participating in the development of student policies; writing the principle of counseling students; managing the student associations; promoting social and cultural events; discussions; seminars; or inclusive courses; disseminating the NUBB principles to students; facilitating them to apply for jobs and scholarships; analyzing the tracer study; and accepting and resolving student grievances.


The Student Affairs Office is the only department that serves and promotes the effective and efficient provision of NUBB services.


1. Provide the services of the job and academic counsel to students

2. Cooperate and support the NUBB student development activities

Strategic goals

According to the NUBB 10 year strategic goals in third and fourth, the Student Affairs Office participates in implementing the NUBB strategic plan by supporting, cooperating, and managing with the third strategy “Conduct dissemination workshops on NUBB research and investment programs to students, parents, the private sector, and development partners” and the fourth strategy “Developing institutional modernization in the production, compilation, and use of data to seek support from the stakeholders and ministries in relevancies.”

Ms. Sou Fatimafaty, Head of Student Affairs Office
Tel: +855 12 989 217
E-mail: [email protected]