National University of Battambang (NUBB) will be a prestigious, multidisciplinary and research higher education institution that meets and exceeds regional and international standards.


The National University of Battambang has two main missions:

  1. To train national and international competent students to respond to labor market needs.

2. To conduct scientific research to serve production of goods and services and contribute to national  economic growth.


The University has six main core values, ​​including:

1. National consciousness

2. Accountability

3. Responsibility

4. Professional ethics

5. Discipline

6. Team spirit


The university’s organizational culture embodies the following principles:

1. Mutual respect and value

2. Quality work and job safety 

3. Mutual benefits (“win-win mentality”)

4. Good relationships

5. Creativity and innovation

6. National identity


To achieve these two missions, the National University of Battambang has set the following goals and strategies:

Goal 1: To develop the governance system and strengthen institutional capacity to promote Quality of Management and Leadership.

Goal 2: To produce 3,762 competent students at both national and international levels to respond to the labor market.

Goal 3: To produce 677 research results that support the nation’s productivity and economic growth.


Strategy 1: To cooperate in partnership with national and international universities that have standardized and accredited curricula at both national and international levels and relevant institutions.

Strategy 2: To cooperate in partnership with national and international companies and universities on research projects intended to increase investment.

Strategy 3: To organize an annual forum to disseminate study and research results and a program with students, parents, the private sector, and development partners to attract investment in these results.

Strategy 4:  To modernize the institution’s capacity to generate, compile and use data to obtain support from all relevant ministries and stakeholders.