About Research and Training Farm

Research and Training Farm was established to promote and support academic and research activities at NUBB which is the leading HEI in the field of agriculture in the Northwestern part of the country.​ The objective of the farm is to develop animal production and plantation through the knowledge of the operation of the whole Livestock system in the present and towards to sustainable animal and plantation productivity thereby realizing Cambodian economic, societal and environment policies.


Build human resource capacity in research and providing technical services to individuals and relevant institutions contributing to development of Agriculture sector. The farm offers supports in three areas including Teaching and Learning, investment and partnership in agricultural production and research to NUBB students and researchers in the field of agriculture in the Northwest region.


1. To build capacity and promote qualification of researchers in livestock, aquaculture and plants.

2. To offer training in animal raising and plantation to school and university students, farmers and producers.

3. To provide technical assistance and implement development projects in animal raising and plantation.

4. To enhance national and international network among stakeholders in the fields of animal raising and plantation.


1. Educate and train skills related to animal raising, animal reproduction by artificial methods

2. offer service in developing livestock and plantation business

3. offer market survey on animal fodders, meat production and medicines

4. offer consultation and promotional service in animal production and techniques to smallholders and medium and large-size producers.

5. offer research service in agricultural sector in Northwest region.

Role of research and training center:

1. Conduct Rice Experiment

2. Ornamental plants, vegetables and fruits production

3. Conduct research on compost process

4. Conduct the experiment on cassava production

5. Conduct the experiment on aquaculture, fish and frog farming

5. Artificial chicken production (AI)

6. Conduct the experiment on artificial swine production (AI)

7. Conduct experiment on beef production and artificial cattle breeding (AI)


Mr. Long Tith, Vice Dean of Faculty of Agriculture and Food Processing

Mobile: +855 12 602 099, Email: [email protected]