Welcome to Research and Development Center (RDC) at National University of Battambang.

RDC was established along with management structuring mechanism in National University of Battambang (NUBB) since 2007. With the aims of improving and enhancing the quality of educational researches and strategic plans in NUBB, RDC takes three main roles as project monitor and evaluator, project implementor, and facilitator for other related task to research and development with other faculties and institutions for the university.


Motivated by the university visions, RDC has a vision to develop educational quality by enhancing the ability of students, lectures, and managers to work more effectively in research studies and other development projects with local and international partners.


RDC follow these following missions to reach out the vision above:

  • Managing each project development from each implementor,
    • Training and sharpening students’ abilities in doing studies research with other faculties,
    • Publishing research studies resulted from each faculty and other related stakeholders,
    • Calling for proposal and publishing research studies for university level,
    • Disseminating development projects and calling for proposals from each faculty, and
    • Evaluating project actions for university improvement.

Management Structure

Research and Development Center is currently led by a chief, Mr. Seav Sovanna and a deputy chief, Mrs. Vong Sokhavy, who are directly supervised by a vice-rector and report to rector.

E-mails and phone numbers

About our works

Bridge Magazine

Bridge Magazine is established to communicate knowledge and research ideas in order to obtain a positive impact on Cambodia’s sustainable development and poverty reduction. The magazine publishes articles, short interviews, article reviews, and research papers on specific topics in the following fields:

  • Rural Studies,
  • Business,
  • Law,
  • Agriculture,
  • Economics,
  • Accounting and Finance,
  • Agro-industry,
  • Science and Technology,
  • Language arts and culture.

RDC has been facilitating and coordinating lecturers, professors, and other writers for around​​ 4 volumes already in Bridge Magazine of NUBB. 4

Project monitoring and evaluation

RDC has been working as the project monitor and evaluator on the 27-development projects including one main project funded by world bank, Higher Education Improvement Project (HEIP). The main duty of RDC is to report the process of the project implementor to the rector and other related stakeholders to see the expected outcomes from the projects for the better university improvement and evaluation.

Research Thesis to fill-in students’ degree

Working with other faculties, RDC coordinates technically toward the process of writing and submitting research thesis from students who are willing to finish their bachelor or post-graduated degree by conducting thesis research. Following the manual, other faculties and RDC working closely on the procedures from applying for thesis writing until thesis defending. Until 2021 RDC has facilitated bachelor graduates in thesis research around 13 generations already.