Meaning of  the Logo

On the top side, the sharp top of Angkor Crown represents the khmer national identification. The sapphire color bat represents a good nature And almighty to protect, defend, and construct the eternal land of Battambang. The dish on a pedestal décor of the lotus petal style Represents the prosperity of cultural art and tradition of Battambang. The rays of yellow light and surrounded abacus represent the Education of the University of Battambang, acting as a bridge to bring Students to brightness. Encircled rice clusters in Golden color represent the Battmabang’s agricultureal Harvests, especially, rice. Rom Doul flower (Melodorum Fruticosum Lour), the floral symbol of the Kingdom of Cambodia, represents brighten charming viewa of the land of Battambang, known to be abundant with the attractive plants. The golden machinery represents the development of the industrial Sector, especially agro-industry. The white color stripe around the circle represents the god of land Who governs the Battambang boundary. Outside dark-red color represents the beauty of land, Nature, and environment of Battambang.

Size of the Logo

The proportion of the Logo’s width and length is 1.36cm.