Associate Degree in Information Technology

2 years


Associate Degree in Civil Engineering

2 years


Associate Degree in English Literature

2 years


Associate Degree in Management

2 years


Associate Degree in Food System

2 years

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Associate Degree in Information Technology

Objectives of Associate Degree in Information Technology Program
The purpose of this curriculum is to provide clear knowledge and skills in both network and network security, as well as the ability to use and develop information management systems to facilitate work and business, communication, problem solving and decision making using appropriate technology and understanding of the business context.


4. Program

code subject credits hour others
semester I semester II
Year I
MFC.M3-B11 Computer Repair I 3 45  
GE1.F3-B11 English for Computer I 3 45  
PC.M3-B11 Office Application 3 45  
ITE.S3-B11 Mathematic for computer 3 45  
ICT.M3-B11 Basic Electronic 3 52.5  
CH.A3-B11 Graphic Design 3 30  
MFB.M3-B12 Mathematics for Business 2.5 45  
GE2.F3-B12 English for computer II 3 45  
Ph.M3-B12 C Programming 2.5 45  
PY.S3-B12 Mathematic for business 3 45  
DSA.M1-B12 Database Design 3 52.5  
PS.M3-B12 Computer repair II 2.5 45  
Total credits 33 540  
Year II
IP1.M1-A21 Internet Programming 3 52.5  
Dc.M1-A21 Data Communication 3 52.5  
CP1.M1-A21 C++ Programming 3 45  
DM1.M1.A21 Data Modeling I 3 52.5  
DMA.M2.A21 Digital Marketing 3 45  
BJP.M3-A21 Basic Java Programming 3 45  
IP2.M1-A22 Internet Programming II 3 45  
CN.M1-A22 Computer Network  3 45  
CP2.M1-A22 C++ Programming II 3 45  
WD.M1-A22 Web Development 2.5 45  
DM2.M1-A22 Data Modeling II 4 60  
Total credits 34 510  

Associate Degree in Civil Engineering

The associate degree program in civil engineering is designed to develop human resources with specific knowledge related to viable construction environment in line with the standards of modernization, the expectation of modern living through the 5-year curriculum and train students to be able to become professional engineers who are fully competent, efficient and effective and have the right attitude and ethics in the field of civil engineering in line with the labor market in the current context.


code subject credits hour others
semester I semester II
Year I
MFC.M3-B11 General Mathematic 3 45  
GE1.F3-B11 General Physic 3 45  
PC.M3-B11 Site Engine 3 45  
ITE.S3-B11 Practical Computer 3 45  
ICT.M3-B11 Philosophy 3 52.5  
CH.A3-B11 Techncal drawing 3 30  
MFB.M3-B12 Mathematics apply 2.5 45  
GE2.F3-B12 Physic (mechanical) 3 45  
Ph.M3-B12 AutoCad 2.5 45  
PY.S3-B12 Strength of Material I 3 45  
DSA.M1-B12 Architecture 3 52.5  
PS.M3-B12 Fluid mechanic 3 45  
Total credits 33 540  
Year II
CT.M1-A21 Construction Technology 3 52.5  
SMII.M1-A21 Strength of Material II 3 52.5  
CM.M1-A21 Construction Materials 3 45  
SM.M1-A21 Soil mechanic 3 52.5  
TOP.M1-A21 Topolography 3 45  
SCI.M1-A21 Steel Construction I 3 45  
RCI.M1-A22 Reinforce concrete I 3 45  
SCII.M1-A22 Steel Construction II 3 45  
FD.M1-A22 Foundation 3 45  
SA.M1-A22 Structural Analysis 2.5 45  
RCMS.M1-A22 Rode construction & Method Statement 4 60  
SI.M1-A22 Sanitary Installation 4 60  
Total credits 34 510  
Year III
RCII.M1-A31 Reinforce concrete II 3 52.5  
QEP.M1-A31 Quantity estimation & planning 3 52.5  
WS.M1-A31 Work security  3 45  
CL.M1-A31 Construction Law 3 52.5  
SWM.M3-A31 Scientific writing Methods 3 45  
WRCD.M3-A32 Writing Report in construction & Defense 9 270  
Total credits 23 495  

Institute of Foreign Languages of the National University of Battambang

Department of Foreign Languages
Associate’s Degree of Arts in English Literature

1. Program Educational Objectives (PEOs)

Educational Program on Associate’s Degree in English Literature is designed to develop knowledge and skills on English language a line with current job markets at both private and public institutions. This program is integrated with educational theories as the foundation for pursuing bachelor’s degree. These skills and knowledge are specially provided to students to become professional teachers of English as Foreign Language and run their own business by using English language.

2. Program Learning Outcomes (PLOs)

After completing the whole program of Associate’s Degree of Arts in English Literature, graduates will achieve:

A. Knowledge
PLO1: Understand deeply on knowledge and theories of English language education in each subject of the program
PLO2: Master knowledge on culture, literature, writing techniques, teaching methodology and research
PLO3: Apply English language principles on new development for working in English educational sectors

B. Cognitive Skills
PLO4: Apply broad concepts with critical thinking and better solutions for solving problems in actual contexts
PLO5: Research for development and use research findings for improving current work situation in actual practices
PLO6: Demonstrate knowledge and experiences for implementing professions and education related their study
C. Interpersonal Skills and Responsibility
PLO7: Apply critical thinking skills and perform work independently and team work manner for constructive feedbacks to achieve together outcomes
PLO8: Take responsibility on personal activities with ethics, advices, and better solutions for difficult issues
D. Numerical Skill, Information Technology and Communication
PLO9: Analyze, interpret and display research data and findings using technological tools
PLO10: Present and speak English in public with high confidence
PLO11: Apply computer skills for administrative tasks and other daily works

3. Job Opportunities

After earning Associate’s Degree of Arts in English Literature, graduates gain job opportunities as follow:

  • English language teachers at public and private schools and other institutions
  • English language translators at other companies and organizations
  • Professional Tour Guide of English language
  • Staffs at other companies, public and private institutions and other organizations

4. Subjects of Associate’s Degree of English Literature

Subject Code Subjects Credits Hours Other
Semester I Semester II
Year I
WS1.L2-A11 Writing Skills I 3 45  
CE1.L2-A11 Core English I 3 45  
LS1.L2-A11 Literature Studies I 3 45  
CS1.L2-A11 Cultural Studies I 3 45  
G1.L2-A11 Grammar I 3 45  
WS2.L2-A12 Writing Skills II 3 45  
CE2.L2-A12 Core English II 3 45  
LS2.L2-A12 Literature Studies II 3 45  
CS2.L2-A12 Cultural Studies II 3 45  
G2.L2-A12 Grammar II 3 45  
  30 450  
Year II
WS3.L2-A21 Writing Skill III 3 45  
CE3.L2-A21 Core English III 3 45  
RS.L2-A21 Reading Skills 3 45  
TM1.L2-A21 Teaching Methodology I 3 45  
SW.L3-A21 Scientific Writing 3 45  
WS4.L2-A22 Writing Skills IV 3 45  
CE4.L2-A22 Core English IV 3 45  
EC.L3-A22 English for Communication 3 45  
RW.L3-A22 Teaching Methodology II 3 45  
RW.L3-A22  Report Writing 3 45  
Total Credits 30 450  


Faculty of Business Administration and Tourism

Department Management

Associated Higer Education in Management Field

1. 1. Objectives of Associate Degree in Management

      The Associate Program in Management is designed to provide with the knowledge, practice, and professional skills of business management.

    • On theory: Provides management concepts in new context, model of business management such as accounting, marketing, finance and human resources.
    • On practice: will be trained in computer for office , accounting , and the business research techniques, the business model/Plan Development, etc.
    • On behavioral skills: Students will be changed in attitude, communication skills, good listening and interpretation and presentation, responsibility, problem solving, applied on the social and business

2. Program Learning Outcomes: PLOs

1. Knowledge

PLO1: Describes the management theories applied on business, Ways to start-ups small business and SMEs (Small Medium Enterprises).

PLO2: Describe principles, procedures related to start-ups Business and business expansion.

PILO3.Describe the necessary skills in business management, Organizational management and theories for Development in individual group and organization.

           2. Cognitive Skills

PILO4.​ Students will be built their capability in critical thinking, entrepreneurship and
Ambitious to start their own business.

PILO5.Develop a business plan or model, a business stages, to start-up (pre-start, start-up, growth and development).

PILO6. Search information from various sources to develop business plans, strategic and operational plans.

PILO7.Manage the organizational resources in efficiency and effectiveness.

          PILO8.Find out methods to apply business in business law, market contexts and Business Environment.

3. Interpersonal Skills and Responsibility

PLO9: Build Capacity to work team, team development and team member motivation.

PLO10: Share knowledges and experiences to group, and promote new ideas for knowledge and skill development.

PLO11: Have Responsibility for roles and duties and help solving problem.

         4. Numerical Skills, Information Technology and Communication

PLO12: Use statistical methods to develop business plan or model and scientific writing.

PLO13:  Use computer software and devices to control organization and Management information systems

PLO14: Play presentation and Interpretation to stakeholders in Khmer or English clearly and confidently.

PLO15: Communicate and share information with stakeholders with clarity and confidence.

PLO16: Use computer, social media in Khmer or English to communicate with stakeholders.

3.Job opportunities

      After earning an associate degree in management, graduates can get the following job opportunities:

– Small business owners

– Operators in business enterprises

– Market Business Researcher

– Business Assistant

– Operators in the microfinance, banking and marketing sectors

– Continuing Education to Bachelor Degree.

4. Associate program in Management

Codes Subjects Credit Hours ផ្សេងៗ
Semester 1 Semester 2
Year I


Basic of Business 3 45  


Business Mathematics 3 45  


Computer for Office 3 45  


Principle of Accounting 3 45  


Principle of Marketing 3 45  


General English 1 3 45  


Principle of Economics 3 45  


Managerial Accounting 3 45  


Marketing Management 3 45  
CB. S1.A12

Consumer behavior

3 45  


Principle of Management 3 45  


General English 2 3 45  
Total Credit 36 540  


Legal & Environmental business 3 45  


Money & Bank 3 45  


Financial Accounting 3 45  


English for Business 3 45  


Small Business Planning 3 45  


 Credit management 3 45  


Office Management 3 45  
Total 60 900  


Faculty of Agriculture and Food processing

Department of Agriculture
Associate Degree of Food System

1. Purpose of Associate Degree of Food System

  • Train students to be able to identify and understand skills related to personal goals
  • Train students to be able to understand the general characteristics of business, agriculture, tourism and hospitality.
  • Build various agricultural skills, including planting, raising animals, storing and processing food

2. Course Learning Outcomes of Associate Degree of Food System

  • Specialize in business planning based on business market conditions.
  • Defined cultivation management through modern techniques in line with the evolution of the world
  • Manage animal products using techniques appropriate to local conditions and animal needs
  • Processing and packaging production aims to promote and strengthen food safety in line with standards for general consumers.
  • Comprehensive understanding of the complex interactions and relationships within food systems, including production, distribution, processing, consumption, and waste management.
  • Explore community-based approaches to food systems, including farmers’ markets, community gardens, urban agriculture, and food cooperatives, to empower communities, strengthen local economies, and promote social justice and food sovereignty.
  • Examine the impacts of climate change, environmental degradation, and socio-economic factors on food systems and explore strategies for building resilience, adapting to changing conditions, and fostering innovation and sustainability.
  • develop interdisciplinary knowledge and skills to collaborate effectively across sectors and disciplines, engage stakeholders, and lead initiatives aimed at transforming food systems toward greater sustainability, equity, and resilience.

3. Job Opportunities

  • Technician in agriculture techniques for private companies
  • Farm Manager
  • Entrepreneur
  • Food system planner
  • Community food Organizer
  • Food Educator
  • Sustainable Agriculture Advocate
  • Field technician of project etc.

4. Course Curriculum of Associate Degree of Food System


Code Course tittle Credits Hours Other
Semester I Semester II
Foundation Year
FAFP.AFS/PSS.M2-A11 Plant and Soil Science 3 45  
FAFP.AFS/FAS.M2-A11 Feed and Animal Science 3 45  
FAFP.AFS/AMB.M2-A11 Applied Microbiology 3 45  
FAFP.AFS/FBM.M1-A11 Food and Beverage Management 3 45  
FAFP.AFS/AQC.M1-A11 Aquaculture (fish, frog, turtle, shrimp, crab, etc.) 3 45  
FAFP.AFS/CP.M2-A12 Compost 3 45  
FAFP.AFS/PNM.M2-A12 Plant Nursery Management 3 45  
FAFP.AFS/LSP.M1-A12 Livestock Production 3 45  
FAFP.AFS/LFP.M1-A12 Local Food Processing 3 45  
FAFP.AFS/AGM.M2-A12 Agricultural Marketing 3 45  
Total Credits 30 450  
Second Year
FAFP.AFS/VGF.M1-A21 Vegetable Farming 3 45  
FAFP.AFS/FPK.M1-A21 Food Packaging 3 45  
FAFP.AFS/OPP.M1-A21 Ornamental Plant Propagation 3 45  
FAFP.AFS/EAG.M3-A21 Ecological Agriculture 3 45  
FAFP.AFS/DCR.M1-A21 Data Collection and Report Writing Skills 3 45  
FAFP.AFS/IT.M1-A22 Information Communication Technology 3 45  
FAFP.AFS/LG.M1-A22 Logistics 3 45  
FAFP.AFS/FT.M1-A22 Farm Tourism 3 45  
FAFP.AFS/BPD.M3-A22 Business Plan Development 3 45  
FAFP.AFS/HS.M3-A22 FAFP.AFS/HS.M3-A22 3 45  
Total Credits 30 450