NUBB Career Center

The NUBB Career Center, supported by the United States Agency for International Development under the USAID Digital Workforce Development Project, is a pioneer in helping students find employment and as a mediator in connecting students with the company and Private institutions in Battambang Province and in the north-west region, too. The NUBB Career Center, students are empowered to make their own choices about their future career options / paths and take control over their own life through accessing the right career related information, professional networks, opportunities and employability skill building/enhancement. The NUBB Career Center was officially grand opening on May 18 2023 under the H.E. Sok Khorn, Rector of National University of Battambang, as well as the presence of Ms. KERRY PELZMAN, USAID Cambodia Director Mission and H.E. the Deputy Governor, the relevant department heads, teachers, guardians and more than 200 students attended. The Grand Opening was also attended by key partners from Cellcard, FTB, Aceleda, Phillips, Canadia, MISOTA, Manulife, Wing, Sathapana and Dai-Chi Company.

The NUBB Career Center Services:

Job Seeking, Application & Interview: CV / Resume writing; Cover letter writing; Thank you and follow up email; Mock job interviews; Personal branding (LinkedIn profile).

Employability Skill Building: Communication & negotiation skills; Teamwork; Problem-solving; Networking & relationship building; ICT skills; Learning skills; Planning & organizational skills; Self-management skills.

Event (workshops / seminars / networking): Company study tours (more suitable for Y1 & Y2 students; Career orientation workshop Career forum/fair; Networking events by sector (i.e., banking day, digital marketing day, etc.

Internship & Scholarship Opportunities: Physical information board about internship, scholarship & job opportunities Online information platforms (Facebook page & Telegram channel) Scholarship application and interview support.

Career & Major: 1:1 Career counseling session; 1:1 Major counseling session (NOTE: Student-alumnus mentorship program) University orientation workshop/forum for lower & upper secondary students.

For more information please contact:

Project Coordinator: Ms. YIM Chhailin

Email: [email protected]

Tel: +855 96 711 5086

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Some pictures of USAID Career Center