1. Bachelor of Psychology

Topic : The stereotype of students about psychology and the work of Psychologists .
By : Sol Rattanak


Purpose: The results of this research study in-depth understanding of the roots of the stereotype and forms of student’s stereotype who are study in faculty of sociology community development on your psychological and psychological skills. Research Methods: Researchers choose qualitative research, use the Probability sampling method by applying the Purposive sampling method. With a total of 6 students who are 4th year students in the National University of Battambang from 3 different disciplines with one skill, choose 2 people, one female and one male to work together, Then took a semi-structural interview method (D’entretien semi-directif) to collect base data. Using a semi-structured interview approach because it allows the sample to be free to answer (open question) opportunity to describe the sample’s point of view on specific issues (Claude, 2019) Researchers decide on analytical categorization methods (Tamplin, 2023), to distinguish between ideas or concepts, experiences or forms to understand how people talk about others in their society (Pihlaja, n.d.).Result : Summarize through the results found above researchers can conclude that the stereotype of students about psychology and the work of psychologists in faculty of sociology community development. There are three major roots. According to personal experience, according to learning about society and according to culture from a distance. As for the form of stereotype, there are two main point. This is positive stereotypes and negative stereotypes, among these two forms of stereotype, forms of positive stereotypes (09) weigh more than forms of negative stereotypes (03), among the 6 samples, Which is equal to 75% / 25%. This percentage comes from a mixture of all 6 samples combined (Psychology / 02 simple, Law / 02 simple, Economics / 02 simple), and this percentage is unlikely to be biased, as there are only 2 psychology students and 2 other skills equal to 4 students of other skills. Also, the researchers observed that each response of each sample. Their answers are similar in all three skills, therefore, students in the same social studies class have more opportunities to learn about each other.

Topic : “Causes of Academic Procrastination in University of Battambang”

Everyone faces many different challenges in their daily lives and none of us can escape these problems no matter how hard we try. These problems could be the lack of ability to complete certain tasks, dissatisfaction with one’s own job, lack of time to complete certain task, conflicts at workplace, one’s own works have been undervalue by society, lack of motivation to work, mental problems, low work salary, corruptions at workplace… etc. The aim of this research is to focus on the problem that everyone has been experienced or someone they know have been experienced before. The problem that everyone seemed to at least experienced once before is procrastination, especially academic procrastination. The method used in this research was qualitative research method since this method have been used many times before in topics regarding psychology. This method provides more comprehensive data about a certain group or person psychological factors. The benefits of this research is to help us understand about what causes students in national university of Battambang to procrastinate their assignment, is it cause by environmental factors or psychological factors.

– Topic : Psychological process of adolescents on body image.

In this study, the researchers aimed to study the mental processes of adolescents on dissatisfaction body image , in addition to studying the factors that cause dissatisfaction body image.
In researching, Processes psychological the adolescents of body image , the researchers chose two methods for research, the first method is to use the BDDQ questionnaire, a questionnaire designed to find people who are dissatisfied with the body image .
The researcher chose five students who have strong body image dissatisfaction for a qualitative semi – structured interview using the BIDQ questionnaire. In this study, psychologists used a categorization method based on the principles of clinical analysis (continue magnifeste et continue Latent) to study in depth the processes psychological body image of adolescent. Thoughts, feelings and attitudes.
Studies of processes psychological have shown that dissatisfaction body image affects both the physical and mental processes that cause disruption to thinking, behavior, daily life, social relationships, In addition, it causes psychological problems such as anxiety, depression, self-esteem, communication problems and eating problems. Researcher found factors that cause dissatisfaction body image , such as family, friends, social factors and self-factors.
Thus, dissatifaction body image that effects to psychological.In particular, adolescents can cause their learning to decline, so teachers at school should pay more attention to adolescents.Processes psychological the body image are likely to be further studied in anticipatory psychotherapy methods for adolescents.


Social Media is one of the most advanced ways to share information, events, and other activities. And it has both advantages and disadvantages of sharing on social media. In particular, children may be more receptive and more vulnerable to the effects of social media. For example violent behavior is an unforeseen reaction that provokes anger, causes conflict, or causes trouble for others, manifested through aggressive, exploitative, immoral, disgusting, and unintentional behavior. Harm, damage, or hurt others physically or emotionally.
For research on this topic “the influence of social media makes children to behave aggressively” is to show some psychological impact, children will find out the reasons that affect Child Behavior. In particular, find out the factors that children use to find solutions and to explain to parents or guardians of children. And to be a lesson for social psychologists and child development students.
Through this research study, we used a qualitative research method. And we selected 6 samples who are studying at Wat Kampheng Primary School in Battambang Province. To find out and learn about some of the factors that come from the influence of social media makes children behave aggressively.
On this topic, after we synthesized the library, we found that social media has a lot of negative effects on children, such as children can feel very emotional and very affected by their connection to social media, for example, hot temper. Sadness, loneliness or anxiety and reduced external relationships.
In conclusion, the study of the effects of social media on children engaging in violent behavior is important for researchers, parents, guardians, teachers, social workers and the next generation of scholars. Today, Cambodia and the world are advancing on social media, available to all ages. That is why we study this topic as a lesson and new knowledge to be careful and attentive to children.


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